the secret life of walter mitty

December 14, 2013

Well obviously fashion is fun. Sometimes I get so consumed with clothes I can spend hours in my wardrobe just styling different looks. I guess girls will be girls. Dean entertains me sometimes and gives his opinions whenever I come out and show him what I’ve put together, other times he just gives me a senget thumbs up without even looking.

But sometimes, we need to forget fashion and just have a day off.

A real slouchy day.

For me, that day is cinema day.

Everyone wants to chill in the cinema, with our most comfortable slacks and maybe a nice big sweater since it’s so cold.

The last movie Dean and I watched was Thor and although this wasn’t the romcom I usually enjoy, I felt so happy that I could watch Dean go Whoaaaa everytime action happens. I don’t get it, what is up with the big hammer??? Boys will be boys, huh?

So here’s another movie coming soon.

I would just go because Ben Stiller is in it. Love him!

Go for FREE because it’s on us at FashionValet.

We’re giving away 120 tickets and it’s just so easy to win. YOU WILL WIN, TRUST ME. Haha.

What have you got to lose?

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