the ultimate dream

December 19, 2013


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I’m wearing a shirt from Cloth Inc and Asma’s wearing Love To Dress in the first look and a top from Sunny Girl in her second look.

How times have changed! Last time, Asma’ used to follow me to my shoots for moral support. Coaching me through every line and every pose. Now I’m the one editing her interview emails and menonggeng fixing her outfits. Hehe. No matter what, I love how we care and always want the best for each other.

 We had an emo moment yesterday which rarely ever happens. Each reminiscing about how we are the exact opposites yet somehow we complement each other’s weakness. She’s tough, I’m not. So when I see her going through tests in life (that she never complains about nor show to anyone) I am just amazed. Even when bad things happen to her, she still stands tough and go Mehhh, Allah probably has other plans for me, it’s ok! When most people crumble down and cry, she just prays and goes Ok done, I got things to do now.

I realize I’ve taken inspiration from this, especially now that I’m a mom and I’m just so busy trying to juggle everything in my life. Not a lot of things get to me nowadays and I realise that it’s Asma’ who taught me to be stronger in life.

I’ve been friends with her since we were really small. We even khatam Quran together!

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.28.56 PM

 Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up. I cannot believe Mommy let me out of the house with that look.

But we lost touch and finally, we met again 3 years ago in a public toilet.

“Asma’, is that you?”

And that was it! Rekindled our friendship again with improved versions of ourselves, hopefully. And to my delight, she also gets along like sisters with my Toots!

Last night, when we were doing our daily whatsapps, she wrote “Man, I really want all of us to hang out in Jannah together.”

See la how I feel about you then.

Haha jokes aside, that really is the ultimate dream!