adra afieya

January 17, 2014


This picture was taken 6 months ago with my ex graphic designer Liz. She and I were pregnant together and we had loads of fun sharing stories and tips we heard from others. We kept picturing our kids and we were just so impatient to give birth. Liz was a mom from the very start, unlike me. She was very attentive to her bump movements,  she took all the precautions to be extra careful when she moved, she’d talk to her bump and she would read all the parenting websites. Made me look not so good haha. But really, Liz was a mom who I knew would raise her children with so much love and care.

Baby Adra was born and she had jaundice. Liz had to be with her 24-7 so she sacrificed her own career interests and she made a decision to leave FashionValet to be a full-time mom. She would still come to FV to pay us visits and this time with her adorable baby girl. The look she had whenever she held Baby Adra in her arms… that’s genuine maternal love, as unconditional as can be. Baby Adra still had complications due to the jaundice that still had not healed, and in between going to the hospital, Liz had to breastfeed Adra every half an hour. Forget her own health or sleep, she didn’t have any. But there was not a single complaint from her. She kept on being a loving mom, and she never stopped praying for her daughter to quickly recover.

Last week, we received bad news. Baby Adra’s liver cannot function anymore and she needs a donor. As a mom myself, I just cannot imagine how Liz felt. That tiny bundle of joy is suffering so much inside and any mom’s heart would shatter into pieces watching that. To worsen things, the operation needs to be done in Singapore where the facilities are.. and the cost is RM 1 million. When I saw that message from Nani telling me all this, my heart dropped.

No parent would give up on their child and no amount of money will tear their spirit. Yes, it’s a huge sum and some might even think impossible. But guys, anything can be done if we all came together to help. I found the Facebook fan page that has all the information of Baby Adra and their bank account details, so please click here to donate. We buy so much for ourself, some things we don’t even need. This baby needs. Please please please help to keep her alive. May God reward you in the hereafter.

Adzriefaiz Adzlan



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