aircond please

January 7, 2014

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A jacket is an investment that I think goes a long way because it can be dressed down or up, casual or dressy, laid-back or sophisticated. And best of all, young or old, it suits everyone. If we were the same size, I could probably share with my mom or mil!

I wear a lot of cover-ups like these, be it boxy jackets, boyfriend blazers or a simple cardigan, and the same question is always posed to me; tak panas ke?!! 

Hehe. Well obviously it’s a little bit warmer than if I wear a bikini out, but it’s not like I work at the construction site or walk 5 miles to go to work. So it’s all good. Aircond, sister, aircond!

Wearing scarf from Tudung Sisters, jacket from SuriSara, heels from Kiss & Tell, all from FashionValet.