cardless withdrawal

January 23, 2014

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If my handbags could talk, I think they would tell you they’re very happy bags. Because I change handbags everyday to match my outfits, so all of them are worn regularly and not just kept in the cupboard collecting dust like some people’s bags (HI MOMMY AND MAK!! -___-“).

I’m a good polygamist like that.

That also means having to transfer all content like my purse, my camera, my laptop, my make up bag, my whatever else from one bag to another on a daily basis. Gotta be rajin like that. But there are days when Dean rushes me that I leave some things behind. Like my house keys, or my house tap card, or my headscarf pins for when I only have time to style my scarf in the car.

 And those worst times… when you forget your entire purse!


One thing I never change is my purse. Been using this since uni!

I’ve had those times and I end up borrowing money from my colleagues bahahah. One time, I had to take a cab back to the office without any money and my kind assistant Kyun came down to pay the cab driver. With her own money. God bless her. Errr I should probably pay her back! Haha.


Anyway, what I want to share with you guys is something SUPER DUPER COOL and when I heard it, I went WHOAAA THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER.

Get this. Now people can send you money, and you can collect the money from an ATM machine.

Who is this wonderful genius bank, you ask?


Anyone that has a Maybank2u account can now just send money via Maybank2u or Maybank2u mobile app to anybody. Whether or not the recipient is a Maybank account holder, he or she can go to any Maybank ATM machine (they’re everywhere, btw!) to collect the money… and go shopping.

This new phenomenon, my friends, is called THE MAYBANK CARDLESS WITHDRAWAL.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 1.05.07 PM

Steps for Sender:

1)   Log in to Maybank2u, click “Transfer”, click “Cardless Withdrawal.”

2)   Enter Recipient’s name , mobile number (i.e. Vivy Yusof…. ) and amount (Minimum RM100)

3)   Click OK

4)   You’ll get a code via SMS. Simply forward it to Recipient.

Steps for Recipient:

1)   Go to any Maybank ATM, say Hello to it and press Enter.

2)   Select “Cardless Withdrawal”.

3)   Key in the Transaction ID and code that was forwarded  to you.

4)   Collect the cash.

5)   Smile.

So if any of you find yourself in a position where you forgot your purse, or you need to send urgent cash to your children or anything at all, this service is beyond useful!

What? Not on Maybank2u yet you say??

Pssssshhhh don’t fret!

 Here’s a video on how to activate it!

There’s a contest promo for this right now. Wanna win RM 500 just like that? Perform a successful Cardless Withdrawal transaction and you’re immediately in the running to win RM 500. The prize will be deposited into your Maybank account.

There will be 3 winners a day!

Contest runs from 7 Jan 2014 – 5 Feb 2014.