day trip

January 23, 2014

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Can you see how excited I was? This was my first time going out of Malaysia ever since my third trimester! I haven’t left Malaysia for almost a year. Oh the love for my country. Hehe. I used to travel so much overseas for work especially for fashion weeks in Asia, but ever since Daniel was born, I had to let go a lot and trust my buying team to just do what they do best. #lettinggoissues

So when Dean told me we had to go to Singapore for some work meetings, my eyes went all big and I had to swallow some drool. Gahhhhh, so excited to use my passport! I was counting the day for this flight. I mean seriously guys, you’d think I was going to Paris or something. You would kesian.

It was just a day trip since I still can’t imagine leaving Daniel, so Dean shook his head when I asked if we could bring a suitcase with clothes option for me. You know.. in case there are ummm, emergencies (food spills, pants tear, you never know ok). It was pretty hard to choose an outfit for this big occasion, I have to admit. I wanted to look good without compromising comfort since we’d be walking the whole day. In the end, I chose a jacket ensemble since it was still a work thing, and loose pants. Would’ve preferred this look better with stilettos, but can’t bear the thought of Singapore Orchard Road blisters, so I chose wedges instead. In hindsight, I should’ve worn painful heels… would’ve been the perfect opportunity to get new shoes with my “Aww man my feet hurt” excuse that Dean has heard one time too many.

Wearing jacket from Suri & Lana from FashionValet. Scarf given as a gift, pants from Balenciaga (similar here), bag from Roberto Cavalli.