fadzarudin anuar

January 3, 2014

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Came across this website MalaysiaResume and when I thought about a young person I thought was successful, I didn’t have to look very far.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman.

For FashionValet, it’s quite the opposite. Many regard a woman as the front-runner of FV, but truthfully, the brains behind FV is undoubtedly the Founder, Fadzarudin Anuar.


At only 25, he now leads one of Malaysia’s leading online fashion stores carrying over 250 brands from Asia. Having annual revenue in the seven digits and housing 30 employees, this is a pretty heavy task for someone his age. Fadza is responsible for the growth and direction of FV. With the scary e-commerce industry where barriers to entry are low and giant conglomerates setting focusing on Asia, Malaysia should be proud that a homegrown startup manages to sustain and maybe even beat some of the big giants.

A little background about Fadza; he carries a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College of London. Tried his luck to stay on there but with the recession at the time, companies were not interested to hire foreigners. So he went for interviews with local companies, all of which he was offered a job from. He joined Deloitte as a junior consultant and stayed on for a year before deciding he wanted to go his own path. He often jokes at the talks he speaks at, “I wanted my own BMW and I knew there was no way I could afford one at the rate I was going.”

With whatever savings he had, he started FashionValet with his then girlfriend (now wife).. ahem, me! Both of us pooled RM 100,000 (own savings and loans from family members) to set up a warehouse, set up a website, gathered stocks from local brands and hired a couple of full-time employees. Working day and night, we wasted no time and launched the website exactly a month after the initial plan. Things started picking up and we managed to earn almost RM 1 million in the first financial year.

Then, a big competitor landed in Asia with hundreds of millions to throw into the e-commerce playing field. What was a small start-up going to do? Either be scared and lose hope, or persevere and innovate. Of course, under Fadza’s wings, the latter was the way to go. He worked hard to get serious investors (one of the public companies in Malaysia) by joining and winning some investment via a reality TV programme Make The Pitch. The big competitor, knowing that the Malaysian e-commerce scene is a small one where everyone knows each other, approached Fadza and offered him a position in their big conglomerate. If you were in his shoes, what would you do? Would you liquidate your company for a comfortable and stable income, or would you go the hard route and compete with the big boys? There is no right answer, but Fadza, with his silent competitiveness and passion for business, proudly held on to his startup. Third year in business, FashionValet multiplied its revenue and is only looking to grow even more, internationally.

As a young boss, he can’t help but to be a fun one. Serious when it comes to work, yet still injecting a lot of humor and fresh ideas into the boardroom. The work culture at FV is like no other, everyone seems to be having fun while working together as a big family. This can all be seen via its social media platforms and their human resources department that gets resumes on a daily basis. “Your team is your best asset,” he says.

Suffice to say, Fadza proved himself and gained trust from my father who finally allowed him to marry his princess. Haha. We reside in Kuala Lumpur and are blessed with a baby boy who we are currently training hard to become an e-commerce genius.


With a couple more business ideas on the way, Fadza has a bright future ahead. Good looks, kind-hearted and brainy, no wonder I married him.

So that’s my husband on a professional level. On a personal level, he is just as wonderful.

You can also read and get inspired from other successful Malaysians. Trust me, you’ll be so proud of Malaysia after going through all the stories in MalaysiaResume. All of them are just so inspiring and they’re all so young too. Malaysia Boleh, woohoo!

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