January 27, 2014

Just like how they say never go grocery-shopping when you’re hungry, I also think never go to Mothercare without your baby. When you have your babies, they’ll always distract you and somehow pushing the stroller around and trying to calm a crying baby will make you want to speed up and leave asap. Dean and I were just walking around and decided to pop into Mothercare to see if there any things that Daniel might need. Need, not want.

What a load of nonsense.

Never leave parents with time to kill alone at Mothercare.

We came out with 4 bags of toys for Daniel and had to go put stuff in the car boot before doing stuff we actually had to do.

We’re such weak parents. WEAK, I TELL YOU.

Daniel’s 6 months old, but Dean and I zoomed past the 6 months+ section to the 12 months+ to 2 years+ section. Please, our baby’s a fast learner, ok? There were so many colorful things and all sorts of sounds that those toys made. I was convinced that if I get Daniel a toy helicopter, he also needed a truck. And if I get Daniel a truck, he needed to learn about ships. But what if he likes music? Obviously he needs a xylophone. But how will he ever go through childhood without a musical guitar, though…

Then, there are all these talks about brain stimulation and motor skills for babies. I couldn’t find the brain stimulation section in Mothercare, but I passed by some really cool laptops for babies that says A, B, C when you press on the keyboard. SO COOL. I didn’t get that, though. Next to it was a gadget set; remote control, plastic keys and a mobile phone. All made alphabet and number sounds, and there were even French and Spanish versions. Hello, baby must-haves. Daniel would sound so sexy to the other girl babies if he knew A, B, C in French. Buy.

I also got him a set of flashcards of alphabets, numbers, and other things. It said for 2 years plus, but I figured if I repeat it to him everyday, eventually, he will be able to do maths at 2 years old. I was so excited to paste the flashcards on the wall, in my mind picturing me reading out the alphabets to him every morning. And him repeating after me.


“A for apple, Daniel. Say A for apple,” I would say.

“A for apple and airplanes, Mommy,” my 6-month-old baby would answer back.

I smiled to myself while pasting the flashcards.

Daniel? Well, he was behind me.. you know… busy chewing on the box…..