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January 6, 2014

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Screenshot from WeddingGuideAsia.com

Bride interview

Mom interview

It was super sweet of Wedding Guide Asia to want to do a what-happens-next feature of me; first as a bride, and now as a mom. And reading back the 2 interviews I can’t help but smile and think Mannn, I love my life, Alhamdulillah. As always, I was candid with my answers to the interview just as how I would talk to my girlfriends. When I read interviews sometimes of people and their “everything is perfect” answers, I’m like bulllllll. Hehe.

Truth is, no life is perfect.

I get emails sometimes telling me how they think my life is perfect from my blogposts and Insta posts etc etc. Ehhh please la! Of course it isn’t. My life is wonderful to me, but helloooo, as a wife, mom, daughter, sister and especially as a ladyboss, issues arise everyday! Life isn’t perfect but I try to enjoy it even with all the flaws and challenges that come my way. If you ask anyone who knows me especially the FV team, I’m the sort of person that would go Mmmm and Mehhh at a problem while trying to solve it. I’m not very emotional when bad things happen.

You know why?

Because of faith. Because I know there is a greater purpose in life and there is a greater power watching over you, protecting you and giving you guidance. Bad things happen, learn from them and move on because life is so much more than you and your problems. Too many people get consumed by emotions, sometimes I see that in my team too and it affects how we act. We’re only human, after all! When God throws mini tests our way, we might think  Aww man, life sucks… but try to look at the bigger picture at all times. God won’t give you what you can’t handle.

I like to always say on my blog, God’s always got your back and with anything that upsets/worries you, that too shall pass. Just try to be a good and positive person and enjoy all the flavors that life brings; sweet, salty or just plain bitter.