missing the point

January 23, 2014

So Dean, Daniel and I just got back from our first family holiday. Loadssss of pictures to share with you soon!

This time, just us. No parents, no siblings, no maids, no nannies.. it was just us three. And let me tell you it was…. interesting. It was wonderful to have Daniel all to ourselves but fuuhhhhhh were we tired??!!! When I see families on holiday with like FIVE babies and no helpers and they’re all smiling and laughing, I’m like… ok, the parents are on steroids, CONFIRM. We basically couldn’t do anything for ourselves unless Daniel was asleep. And when he slept, we’d just lie down for a while to get some rest, then when we wanted to do our own thing… the moment we get up from bed, he gets up too. With a big hopeful smile on his face that just reads “Hey where you guys going, can I join?” When he doesn’t get what he wants, mannn… I think even our neighbor was like “Just freaking give the screaming baby whatever he wants!!!”. I’m pretty sure at one point, I wanted to cry too.

I’m not going to lie. I felt so overwhelmed with all this. I’m a city girl! I’ve always been able to do what I want, go where I have to go and get things done fast. Check email? No problem, flip open laptop. Post up a picture on instagram? No problem, just click on the app. Eat while the food is hot? No problem, let me show you the smoke from my mouth. Want to just walk and hold Dean’s hands? No problem, can hold both hands also. Take an ootd shot for my blog? No problem, here can you take my picture please. Forget all that! With drool on my shirt, no make up on, one arm carrying baby, the other arm pushing the stroller because he refused to stay in there, headscarf being pulled in all directions… even the camera pretended to finish battery. I kind of understand now when couples start drifting apart after the kids come, because it gets tougher to hold hands and talk, or one will take care of the baby while the other eats. And worse, when they’re stressed with screaming kids, parents can even scream at each other out of pure frustration. Scary huh!

But at the end of the day, when Daniel puts his head on my chest and sleeps, I just melt. When he smiles adoringly at Dean, I know Dean just goes all gooey inside. At night, both of us would just hold hands and stare at Daniel, the little angel that God sent us. Suddenly, it didn’t matter if I reply an email a few hours late. Suddenly, it didn’t matter if my headscarf wasn’t perfectly placed. Suddenly, it didn’t matter that I forgot my phone in the hotel room. It was a family holiday and I was missing the whole point of family! Yes, it’s hard and messy being new parents, but honestly… like really honestly, it’s pure joy.

Gotta savor each moment Dean and I have with him, because like everyone reminds us, children grow up too fast and parents will always miss these moments.


Crap, gonna hug my son and cry now. Bye.


Walking in Bali with my little boy.

Wearing scarf from Tudung Sisters and shirt from Ramune, both FashionValet.