mister chef

January 1, 2014

When your husband says “It’s ok, I’m going to cook for you tonight!”, it’s either

a)    he really really loves you


b)   your cooking downright sucks.

I choose to believe (a) because let’s face it, you’ve all seen my awesome perfect roast potatoes. So I was so excited for that Friday night to taste Dean’s cooking. We went to the grocery store to choose the best sirloin strips. Steak and french fries were on the menu that night. Yummmm.

We got home, unpacked the grocery and basically ignored Daniel for a while. Dean was in charge of the steak, I was in charge of the potatoes. No problemo!

I watched Dean cook and my mouth went into a big O. Where did he learn all this? I really thought it was a simple grill meat kind of thing, but noooo… he took out garlic, butter, thyme, rock salt.. all sorts of fancy things that I bought to make my kitchen look smart. I found out later he spent half hour on youtube earlier searching for top chef’s best steak secrets. What. A. Nerd.


20131220_205017 DSCF6820



It was… THE BEST…. THE BEST STEAK EVER. I’m not even exaggerating!! Even Dean was like, “Mannn, I’m talented.” We both declared once a week to be inhouse steak nights from now on.

After we ate the steak, I looked around the table and asked Dean…

“Umm… did you not like my fries?”


Ok fine, so I burnt most of them. But I really followed the proper instructions. So maybe my oven is spoiled… maybe I need a new oven. That must be it.

Oh well. 2014 will be my year. My new year’s resolution is to make less burnt potatoes.