on the streets

January 12, 2014

Dean and I work together so it’s hard to have a clear division when to be in work mode and when to be in house mode. Most of the time, there is  no line; we talk about marketing campaigns one minute and the next minute we’re on to what school we’d like to put Daniel in. When they ask me at interviews how we divide our time, I scratch my head because there really is no division! Work has become a part of our lives and we somehow seem to like it that way. (Not so great for our colleagues having bosses who bug them all the time teeeheee).

But I know that life is all about balance. There’s no manual so we’re just doing the best we can to juggle and to have it all.

If we’re in KL, somehow our mind is always with FashionValet and other work matters. So to really relax, we know we’ve got to be in a different environment. Our recent trip to Penang was just wonderful for some family time.


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I am just amazed how everytime I go to a place, I get to see it in a different light. This time, we explored Bangkok Lane and Armenian Street and the art and architecture we witnessed just made me proud to be Malaysian.

Another resolution this year: Take Daniel to different cities in Malaysia.

And maybe next time, actually wake the boy up.