patriotic peplum

January 19, 2014

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I don’t get to go to Putrajaya often and to be completely honest, I always think it’s such a far drive to get there. But once I’m there, I’m always in awe of the beautiful buildings and the gorgeous gardens. I would see people cycling and think wow they look so happy, maybe I should try it. And then the voice inside my head laughs at the thought of that. Let’s face it, cycling pedals and heels… I probably wouldn’t be well accepted in Putrajaya.

My family had a little bonding sesh in this peaceful town this weekend, and I loved touring the area. Did you know the roundabout around Shangri-La there is the largest roundabout in the world?? Useless information Dean thinks I like to receive from him, but a pretty cool fact actually.

Wearing a peplum top from Duchess & Co (on sale now, and comes in this colour too!), red pants from KITSCHEN and necklace from Matahari, all FashionValet. Scarf from Gucci, bag from Celine.