rock bar

January 29, 2014

When two of my Indonesian friends both told me I had to watch the sunset at Rock Bar in Bali, I knew it was going to be an experience. In their own words, it is “the best sunset spot in Bali.” And it was a perfect coincidence that the place was in Ayana Hotel, exactly where we stayed at. Normally you’d have to book way in advance, but they give priority to hotel guests so we didn’t even have to line up. I gave the people apologetic smiles when I passed them to go to the front, but I’m not gonna lie.. felt like we were important for those few seconds. *flips tudung*

The place was absolutely breathtakingly omg-ly beautiful. I was a bit nervous because we had to take a mini cable car up and down to the place, and the waves were just inches away from the tables on the edge of the cliff. I really clutched on to Daniel and looked up with a please-God-no-tsunami-today look. After we ordered some snacks and drinks, we just put our feet up and just enjoyed the serenity while keeping silent. In fact, Daniel felt soooo serene that he decided to just sleep the entire time. Haha. But that gave Dean and I the opportunity to just cuddle and be extra in love while watching the romantic sunset. (Thanks, Daniel!)

Definitely a romantic spot for loved up couples. Highly recommended!

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So beautiful, Subhanallah.

Wearing a top from Tsyahmi and basic jeggings from Candy Pop (available in sooo many colours) from FashionValet.