rose petals

January 24, 2014

The hotel in Bali probably thought we were on honeymoon or something, because when I walked into the suite’s bathroom there were rose petals everywhere. The bathtub was filled with water and rose petals, just inviting a loving couple to enjoy and soak. Too bad this loving couple was busy wiping drool and cleaning poop.

We stayed at Ayana Hotel and I would highly recommend it. Every spot in the hotel was an ootd-worthy spot and I went on a clicking frenzy taking photos of all the beautiful stones, fountains and terraces. The food was good, the rooms were beautiful and everything was clean (lots of Japanese tourists go there, even the hotel staff spoke Japanese!). The service was excellent and everyone working there says “Certainly” and other posh words.

Imagine eating on a terrace sitting on plush cushions and being surrounded by clear ponds and soothing greenery. Obviously, it’s a hazard to children since most of our time was spent pulling Daniel away from the edge of the cushion. He was so amazed with all the fish swimming around us and he kept wanting to touch them.

We enjoyed every bit of the short break and I’m so grateful Dean took us to this beautiful resort.

As for the rose petal bath, guess who killed romance for Dean and I?