striking colours

January 28, 2014

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Toots is back from being all happy and loved-up, so her friends are back in her life after being invisible for a while. Pfttt. So you know what that means in my wardrobe. COLOURS again! Felt cheerful after getting a message from her, knowing I have my best friend back. Haha. So it was a combination of bright fuchsia and electric blue today. This top I’m wearing from local brand THESUT actually has a colour block detailing at the bottom tier, so you can wear it with leggings and still look decent since it covers the hips and bum area. But for today, I chose to tuck it in and wear it as a solid colour.

Wearing top from THESUT, pants from dressingpaula, heels from Kiss & Tell, scarf from Tudung Sisters (restocks coming soon) and a unique necklace from Indonesian brand Antyk Butyk, all FashionValet. Bag from Dior.ย