January 29, 2014

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I felt so playful yet not-so-playful in this outfit, if that makes sense. I’ve never worn suspenders in my life (that’s more Nani’s style!), but this one was just too cute to pass off. Was just one of those days I thought I’d try something new. A printed shirt would be nice with this too, but since I had to keep it serious that day, I opted for a plain white shirt. If you wear tank tops, a muted colour tank top would be awesome too. I needed some form of print to spice things up, so I let my patent heels do the talking!

Wearing suspender skirt from Old Blossom Box, heels from Z’NG (on discount!), scarf from Tudung Sisters, all FashionValet. Bag from Celine.

Asma’ was having a shoot nearby so naturally, I did my thang much to her annoyance. Teeheee….

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Have a good day, everyone!