too much time today

January 19, 2014


Guess who had some free time today!

I’ve been trying to sort out my wardrobe, from clothes to accessories to those bags on the floor. Now I’ve got a new category; scarves. And I’m still trying to find the best way to display them. My wardrobe’s a mess! But between work and family time, I really haven’t had any me time at all. I considered getting help to sort out my wardrobe, but the thought of people mixing whites and off-whites thinking they’re the same colour… oh man, please step away from my wardrobe.

So I peeked into the living room. Daniel was sleeping on the floor that he has now claimed ownership of with his spread of colorful alphabet playmats. (I can no longer see my carpet *cries*). Through the reflection of the mirror, I saw green stuff playing on the TV. Β Yes!! Dean’s watching football, so for 90 minutes I will practically be invisible to him.

I looked at my wardrobe and scratched my head. Where do I begin? Clothes would take way too long and I know I would find some beautiful short sleeves in there that I know I should let go but never ever will. My accessories are already sectioned into bangles, necklaces and belts so you know, that’s boring. My scarves would just give me a headache. I knowwww! Bags!

Since my “handbag tree” has been kidnapped by Dean for him to conveniently hang his clothes on, I had no choice but to shove all my beautiful bags into the cupboard. I couldn’t see them and I end up not remembering some of the bags I had since some are nicely kept in their bag covers. (Why don’t they ever make transparent bag covers?!). So the genius in me decided to take polaroids of each one and display them on the cupboard door. Not only does it make handbag storing efficient, it also makes me happy seeing them together as a happy little family. Forget the cinema! Friday nights, you might find me here on the floor eating popcorn while admiring my babies.

Next, I’m going to Sharpie each bag’s name onto their respective polaroids.

Errrr, ok… that sounded a lot better in my head.