toots’ bridal shower

January 4, 2014

As promised, I’d like to share the pictures from Toots’ bridal shower. It was a beautiful event, private and intimate; just like the bride-to-be. All the activities went so smoothly and the guests had big smiles on their faces. You really wouldn’t have been able to tell that we started an hour late and I was going to cry trying to finish up some details before her arrival. We did it in a hotel in the city and decoration was of course by our favourite guy, Pak Abu. Nothing less for that special princess of ours!

Before the event, we emailed each guest to bring a little trinket that reminds them of Toots, and I loved how cooperative they were! Some brought photos, some brought random souvenirs and there was even an underwear in there. I put them all in this vintage box I found at Typo for her to keep all these memories special to her. For games, we found the ugliest picture of her and made a Spot The Difference, so people really had to study the ugliness. We also had the must-have games; charades and crossword puzzles. And then there were the kinky games involving 18SX items, pictures of which shall never see daylight. Haha.

At the end, we had a sappy session where I read a letter from her fiancé to her. I forced him to pour his feelings into words, just simple memories and his feelings coming near the wedding date. It’s super sappy, I wanted to puke. But I know how meaningful it is to Toots and 20 years from now, that letter would be an antique for the both of them to always keep their love alive, Insyaallah.

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A week to go. I’m sooo gonna cry.

When I was planning all this, I was so emotional and Dean was like “Sheeshh, she’s getting married, she’s not dying!!”


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I was wearing a lace top from AzuraAzwa and peach pants from Duchess & Co, from FashionValet.