toots’ last single weekend

January 5, 2014

This weekend would be Toots’ last single weekend before she becomes a Puan this Friday. So Asma’ and I wanted to take her on an awesome getaway to just let her relax and unwind with endless spa sessions.

We were googling places that were not too far from KL and not too near either. Would’ve loved to take her out of Malaysia but we thought it was too near her wedding date. If there were any flight delays or whatever, we’d be sooo dead. So finally we decided on this one place in Bukit Tinggi, The Chateau. It looked beautiful from the website and its claimed seven star status made me book the suites even faster.



Toots, Asma’, me…. and Daniel.

Had to bring my little man along since my boobs are going and he’s very fond of them. Bahaha.

We kept the location a secret all the while telling her to pack moquito repellents and torchlight because “we were going camping.” She packed glamorous clothes obviously knowing we’re lying, but it was hilarious to find a pair of tracksuit pants just in case we were serious. “Don’t forget torchlight and some Maggi cup noodles, ok? Oh btw, do you have a sleeping bag?” we reminded her the night before.

During the car ride there, we turned into the Berjaya Hills exit and Toots was like…

“Ohh!! Berjaya Hills.. nice!!” she squealed.

“Wait till you see our spot in the forest. You’ll love it, all nature and whatnot…” Asma’ said.

“Yeahhhh, Daniel and I are so excited!” I clapped Daniel’s hands. Daniel did not look amused.

When we were driving along the winding road, Toots was all excited and nervous at the same time not knowing where we’re taking her.

Then she said,

“Oh wait, you’re not taking me to The Chateau, right?? I promised myself to never go there again.

Asma’ and I glanced at each other nervously.

“Uhh… of course not!” Asma’ said slowly.

“But umm why do you not like the place?” I asked nervously, glancing at the booking papers I printed out in my bag.

“Oh, because I went there before. And had bad experience with the service. So I never want to go there again. So phew, thank God we’re not going there.”

If Asma’ and I could communicate through our minds, it would be a lot of You idiot, why didn’t you check with her!! This is her last weekend before her wedding, we totally screwed it up. Omg you ruined her weekend. No you did. No you did!!

We both kept quiet.

The car turned into The Chateau and both of us nervously went “Surprise…” to Toots. We really didn’t know what to say!! Thankfully, Toots being the wonderful person she is, burst out laughing at the irony of it all. She told us it’s ok and she’s sure she’ll have a different experience this time and the most important thing is that we’re all together.

The porter kindly took our luggage and we were greeted nicely at the lobby with refreshing welcome drinks.

“Welcome to The Chateau, ladies,” the kind man said.

The driver took out Daniel’s stroller and I came out with Daniel.

The manager came to us and said words to me that made me want to slap him.

“Ma’am, we do not accept children under 12 here. You can stay here, but he can’t.”


I’ve never had a child before ok, I had no idea hotels had such policies because it never affected me. I was gobsmacked and shocked that he said that and I tried to control my emotions. Reject my child, how dare you! I should’ve just said to him “Oh ok, no worries. Here you go, you stay here with him while I go for my spa. He feeds at 12 pm. Oh and please change his diaper, it was a long drive.”

The next half an hour was me trying to convince them that Daniel won’t leave the room and that we drove all the way to stay here and that I was never told of this when I made the booking. In my mind, I was trying to think how on earth do I try prove that Daniel is in fact, 12 years old but he’s just very very very small.

After he refused us again, I kind of maybe a little bit kind of got angry and told him off for his supposedly seven star treatment. I purposely carried Daniel in front of him so he feels worse. But don’t worry, I felt bad since he was just doing his job. So I waved at him and smiled on our way out.

So now, I too am following Toots’ footsteps and am making a vow to never go there again.

We went to another nice hotel in the city and the butlers were sooo nice to Daniel, carrying him and his stroller up the steps and everything, I wanted to hug and kiss them all. Soooo going to leave a big tip.

Definitely a weekend to remember for Toots.

Oh well, a little preview for what she’s going to get herself into once she has kids. Bahahaha. In conclusion, we still had a wonderful weekend in another nice hotel and it was just so nice to be together to celebrate the future Puan.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 1.29.05 PM

Cheers to the bride to be!ย