toots’ scrapbook

January 12, 2014


My dining table looked like this for 2 days and I made Dean eat on a stool in front of the TV. Haha. I honestly think he enjoyed it more than anything. I don’t scrap much anymore because it takes up too much time! But I thought I’d just make one for Toots since she was about to embark on a new chapter in life. The plan was to give it to her before her bridal shower and I’m just so happy I got to finish it in time, despite a lot of “Don’t eat that sticker, Daniel!!!” and “Daniel, don’t drool on Maksu Ajjie’s picture!!”.

I can’t reveal all of the pages because they’re way too personal (truth: Toots’ high school pics are not so attractive) but here are some!

DSCF7783 DSCF7784 DSCF7791 DSCF7792 DSCF7793 DSCF7796 DSCF7800 DSCF7802 DSCF7805 DSCF7809 DSCF7810 DSCF7811