two for one

January 8, 2014

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I like this woman. She totally read my mind.

 How hard is it to understand women? Men don’t get it. All we want really is; shopping, go out with our girlfriends, spas, manicures, pedicures, eating out, go on holidays, designer handbags, new shoes. And then we would like to get rewarded for doing all these things… maybe with a kiss, or a hug, or simply a “You look beautiful today, sweetie.”

 When men don’t get this, war starts.

 But you know who gets women?

 Credit cards.

 Heeeeee. Spend and get rewarded. Eat at restaurants and get discounts. Swipe a bit and get reward points. And sometimes, you can even get free gifts too choose from. What a wonderful concept of life! Haha.

110113 AMEX-Dual-Card-Press-Ad

I would like to change my name to Danial Ariff please.

 Maybank is obviously Malaysia’s reputable bank and they’ve really got the best credit card offers.

Not only do you get the rewards, you also get 5% cashback for your weekend spends. I mean whatttt…. Have you ever heard your husband say “Oh honey, you’ve spent so much over the weekend. Here, let me give you cash to reward you.”

And annual fee is… what annual fee?? It’s waived for life!


Marry meeee….

And you can marry more than once also. Because for one sign up, you get TWO credit cards; one American Express and one Mastercard.


1)   Lifetime annual fee waiver

2)   Two cards; one sign up, one service tax, one statement

3)   Low finance tax of 8.8% p.a. and savings of RM 2300 per year

4)   5X TreatPoints for all your Amex spends

5)   5% Weekend Cashback for Amex spends

6)   Travel Insurance coverage

7)   Retail protection

8)   Complimentary golf sessions at world-class golf courses (might share with Dean, see la how if he’s nice)

Maybank’s asking us to #LiveLifeAmplified and would like to give you me ok fine, one of us… RM 10,000 to fulfill our bucket list! All you have to do is tell Maybank your bucket list and share to your friends! The more friends sign up, the more points you get. The winner is the person with the highest points.


Butttt too bad this ended last week! Wanted to wish everyone who participated good luck!

Maybe you me ok fine, one of us gets to go home RM10,000 richer!

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