washed out

January 13, 2014



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I’m a little grumpy now because I really miss Toots. The new bride is now on her honeymoon after a super tiring but super beautiful wedding marathon last weekend that you might have seen on my Instagram. We spent so much time together the past week that not seeing her today is just weird. She called me before she boarded the plane to tell me she loves me and I almost cried. Ok fine I cried. Her husband isn’t my favourite person right now. Her husband. That felt weird to say.

Even when I got dressed today, I didn’t feel like wearing bright colours since I didn’t feel so cheerful. Today’s outfit, I chose washed out tones; white, grey, light blue. I just wanted to be casual so jeans-and-flats combo was the way to go. Still needed to look presentable since it was a working Monday, so I threw on a blazer. A beautiful lilac to go with my coolish colour palette.

Would it be rude if I booked a flight and joined her honeymoon? Promise I won’t stay in the same room.

Wearing blazer from dressingpaula, jeans from KITSCHEN, flats from Nelissa Hilman, all FashionValet.