buttons on my sleeves

February 7, 2014

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I realise I don’t have a set style. Sometimes I can look like a rainbow with an explosion of colours on me, and other times I look like an angry person in mourning in all black. I used to plan my outfits the night before, carefully laying them out like a fairy godmother for Next Day Me to wake up and see. But now, a scene of me getting ready every morning includes me putting on mascara with one hand, and the other hand stopping Daniel from crawling into the toilet dustbin. So I can forget being organized like before. Nowadays, it’s whatever I see first, then I’ll work my outfit around it.

For this outfit, I saw the top first. It’s from a Malaysian brand, When Our Eyes Met, that is super duper edgy. I loved how it was so loose and it had the button details on the sleeves. So in my head, I was thinking grey, black, white… something cool as opposed to cheerful. I quite like the simple pairing, and told myself I should stick to basic colours from now on for a change. Be a little edgier.

Then, the next day I got inspired by Daniel’s dinosaur toy (name: Spike) and walked out the door looking like a burst of colours.



Wearing a top (in black and grey) from When Our Eyes Met from FashionValet. Pants from Calvin Klein, shoes and necklace from Chanel, sunnies from Dior, bag from Bottega Veneta.