February 1, 2014

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Felt like I could be a rapper in this outfit. A girly one, obviously. Like I could be friends with Joe Flizzow and sing a Havoc duet or something. I’m developing a liking to comfy sweaters, something I never took notice of before. But sweaters are dangerous… they are too forgiving when it comes to over-eating… this kindhearted invention will hide your flabs and make you lose yourself in chocolate. This particular one however, was too pretty to ignore with the floral print and the big 15 on the front. I mean, I was feeling cool and all, but when no one was looking I was humming “Fifteeeeeeen, and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna  believe themmmmm…

Please excuse the crumples on the front of my headscarf. That has Daniel’s name all over it. -___-“

Wearing a jumper (either this or this) from The Extra Piece, headscarf from Fleur Malaysia, wedges from ShoesShoesShoes, all at FashionValet. Skants from Zara, sunnies from RayBan. And of course, my Sofina 2.1 bag!