first maxi dress

February 24, 2014

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Since I’ve started donning the headscarf, this is my first time wearing a maxi dress. I’ve been avoiding maxi dresses for a while simply because I didn’t know how to rock it. The only way is to pair it with a cardigan or blazer, or with a sleeve inner inside (which is not a look I would do, to be honest, sorry). Because of my petite figure, I feel like I’m drowning in fabric whenever I wear dresses or jubahs. But I guess I could always go for cropped blazers or belts so that I don’t look like a bunch of fabric ate me.

I love the cool print on this dress (new obsession with blue these days) so I didn’t feel too girly wearing this dress. And the breeze and freedom a flowy dress gives is just perfect for our weather these days. I could swish swish swish all day long.

Wearing a maxi dress from RipCurl at FashionValet. Scarf was a gift, bag from Celine, cardigan from Bimba & Lola, wedges from Burberry, sunnies from RayBan.