first night away

February 20, 2014

When you work together, live together and do everything together, it’s hard to imagine life without each other. Even if it meant going on a short business trip. Dean had to go somewhere, and watching him pack his bag was so sad for me! And when I closed the door after sending him off, the house felt so empty despite Daniel giggling at his minion toy that goes “” I even wore his watch for the day to have a piece of him with me. Super drama man me, but I’m a clingy person by nature. #annoyingwife #annoyingboss #annoyingdaughter #annoyingmom #annoyingeverything hehe.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 11.19.20 AM

It was Dean’s first night away from Daniel and being the doting dad he is, he kept messaging me asking me about Daniel. 5 questions about Daniel and just as courtesy, he would add 1 question about how I am. Pfttttt. “Does Daniel notice I’m gone?” he asked on whatsapp. I looked at Daniel. He was chewing on lego pieces and figuring out why can’t seem to bite into them. “Yes, he looks quite annoyed,” I said.

But when nighttime came, I could see Daniel looking around a lot as if searching for something. Usually that’s the time Dean comes home and they both would giggle and laugh and make funny animal noises (totally ignoring me in the room), so I guess Daniel was wondering where’s that funny man. This is all my hypothesis of course… for all I know, Daniel was looking around the house for food.

Daddy’s coming home today yayyy!!!

Er yeah.. it was a one-night trip….