fresh and clean

February 18, 2014

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I find some sort of freshness in a white and navy blue combo. My new fav now.

Again, with my sweater obsession. My colleagues told me about this guy Wak Doyok who likes to wear suits, and his hashtag #akuyangpakaikoyangpanas and I thought it was hilarious. Seriously, sometimes fashion comes with sacrifice, this time in the form of sweat! Bahahaha. At least sweaters don’t hurt your bones (*glances at heels cabinet and massages lower back*).

Anyway, I wanna share my experience wearing these pants. I. LOVE. THEM. It’s so hard for me to find the perfect pants, and apart from Uniqlo, I have to always splurge a lot of money with designer brands to find good quality pants with nice cutting. With the GST coming in soon and Daniel wanting college funds and all (#mommysoselfless), I need to find another solution. And I found it in these Nana G pants.


Comes in S, M, L.

A Malaysian rtw brand with super affordable prices, Nana G brand is one of the more serious ones when it comes to business. They are always coming up with new arrivals and they produce in many sizes and colours, which is always awesome for stockists like FV.

Wearing sweater from The Extra Piece, pants from Nana G (navy blue and black), both FashionValet. Scarf from Gucci, bag from Celine and shoes from Chanel.