long weekend

February 3, 2014

Sometimes I think Daniel wouldn’t even mind if he doesn’t see me for a few days, especially with his I’m-too-cool-for-anyone character. Sometimes I think I could go off and do my thing if I wanted to. But lately he’s gotten so clingy and soooo manja that it would break my heart to leave him for too long. This long weekend we were with him almost 24-7 just showering him with attention and love, and I think he looks at us thinking Did you guys quit your jobs or something? I used to be annoyed at the endless public holidays Malaysia declares because I was just married to work and public holidays mean no courier company works… means FV can’t work. I still feel like that sometimes, but less annoyed at that these days.

A long weekend means I get to spend more time with my little boy.

Tonight’s the last night of the long weekend. Back to work tomorrow. And tonight, Daniel is extra clingy and would wake up everytime I leave his side while he naps. In the end, he just wanted to hold my hand for a while. It’s as if he knows that tomorrow it’s back to normal for Mommy and Daddy.


I think babies are smarter than we think.