mothers are corny

February 18, 2014

The most exciting part about coming home from work is when Daniel just flaps his arms for me to pick him up. Or if it’s been too long, he’ll crawl/wobble/cry his way to my feet with his arms up in air. And when I pick him up to me, he gives a little giggle which btw is the cutest sound my ears have ever heard. Babies are amazing and so non-judgmental. They don’t care if you haven’t showered, they don’t care if your outfit is all wrong, they don’t care if you have 3 pimples in the shape of a triangle on your forehead, they just want you for all that you are inside.

At 7 months, Daniel can now crawl and he is now starting to stand on his own, just for a nanosecond before tumbling down onto something. He eats a whole lot more now, and he seems to only like expensive fish (sardines, are those cat food?). He is feisty now, he can really smack you hard in the face or scratch you if you don’t let him have the remote control (maybe we should stop feeding him sardines). And he now babbles a lot of Ba-ba-ba or Ma-ma-ma or Phhbbtttt with saliva rain coming down his chin. He has two bottom teeth, which my boobs aren’t exactly thrilled about. He is so smart now in that he will find ways to get that bloody remote control even if you hide it underneath your bum. Left, right, center, up, down, he will twist and turn and crawl until he gets it (a bit like me, awwwww). He has fallen off the bed twice and he accidentally ate paper the other day, which I swear I think he enjoyed more than sardines.

I’m writing this while watching Daniel sleep and a cloud of emo maternal feelings just won’t leave me. Before I whipped up my laptop from my bag, I spent a good 5 minutes just staring at him. Like literally, just staring at him and doing nothing else. He’s just so perfect Masyaallah, and perfect doesn’t even exist let alone so perfect. But if there was such a thing as so perfect, in my eyes it would be Daniel. And I’m sure for you, it would be ____________ (insert all your children’s names in here).

Mothers are corny, aren’t we? This is why we lose our single friends! Right after we start taking out our phones and showing pictures of our kid smiling, crying, sleeping, eating, sucking their thumb and the ultimate annoying mom alert; a picture of our kid whilst breastfeeding. Seriously, why do mothers snap pictures of themselves breastfeeding? No, please, no. The funny part is that the moment our friend stops showing interest in the picture of our kid smiling, crying, sleeping, eating and/or sucking their thumb, we go “Did you see that? I think you didn’t see properly. Lemme show you that one again. Cute, huh???”


Cute, huh???