new age peplum

February 20, 2014

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pufv0009fv_d_mini copy

I was involved in the design process of the PU3 <3 FV collection but I honestly didn’t have much to add because their creative director just hit all the right spots. Being innovative with this side peplum top, I couldn’t imagine it when she sketched it for me. To be honest, I was a bit worried about the top’s acceptance with FV customers. But when I saw it done up in real life, I thought PU3 was genius.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Peplums are soooo predictable now. I think too much of them last Raya just made the sweet design give us fashion diabetes. (Just a little insider scoop, I’ve seen a lot of designers’ Raya sketches for this year and there’s not much love for peplums. You didn’t hear it from me.) Peplums have good hearts though, what with their protective non-clingy layer hiding our tummies as if saying “Nothing to see here, guys” so we still need some peplums in our lives. Just with a little tweaking, PU3’s side peplum gives us all a breath of fresh air. Mmmmm, taste the new age.

Here, I paired the top with an all-over sequin skirt that I love and have been secretly waiting for an event to wear it out to. Then I took one of the colour palette in the top, baby blue, to find the perfect tone of headscarf. Big gold belt, big gold clutch, ready to go.

Wearing top from PU3 <3 FVย (available in 3 colours), sequin skirt from FLEURE, scarf from Tudung Sisters, bag from KLutched, all FashionValet.