preppy diamond

February 8, 2014

Full on layering isn’t really my style. But I’ve seen this style way too often with some of the US bloggers, and I thought ok why not try it out once. Let’s pretend it’s winter here in Kuala Lumpur too.

I have a lot of white shirts, but I don’t really have cropped tops short enough to layer on top of it. Normal-length tops just won’t do. Found this one on FV that had a really nice diamond print, and had a matching pair of shorts too! (Shall be my cooking shorts now haha).

ep000103fv_b_mini copy

Thought it could work perfectly with the layering look.

I just needed a pair of nerdy glasses to pass off as a high school student. Hehe.

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Wearing a top from The Extra Piece (comes in green & blue), scarf from Tudung Sisters, heels from Kiss & Tell, all FashionValet. Bag from Balenciaga, shirt and pants from Uniqlo.ย