sporty trackpants

February 13, 2014

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I don’t know what came over me that I thought I needed to have these pants in my wardrobe. Trackpants are non-residents in my wardrobe and I think when I brought this pair home, it probably needed an orientation day. “Hi, my name is Trackpants. People use me for sports.” and the other pants will have a discussion about what sportsย means.

I would have loved to style this look with a big sweater like this one. But I wanted to look somewhat work-appropriate (well, I would be kicked out of a bank actually so I’m using this term loosely… ) so I paired them with a crisp shirt, sharp heels, cool sunnies, and well… not exactly a gym bag (although I’ve seen people wear Celine to the gym *gasp*). Trackpants are super duper comfortable because of its non-restriction in movement and the drawstring and elastic waistband made me feel like I could eat a horse (and its other horse friends) without being judged.

Also looking sporty made me feel a little healthier about my life. It’s all for the better, really.

Wearing track pants from RipCurl, shirt from Ramune (sold out), heels from Gattoย (sold out), scarf from Tudung Sisters, all FashionValet. Bag from Celine, sunnies from Dior.