sunshiny day

February 16, 2014

The thing about being so close to your girlfriends is that you get very annoyed husbands. Haha. Toots, Asma’ and I update each other about our days and when three girls have their own stories, the texting never ends. But we hardly see each other face to face, so when we do, we get so excited because it feels like ages since the last meet. But in actual fact, I already know what they did this morning. Today we had tea together, ignoring Dean’s unnecessary “because texting each other everyday isn’t enough?” comment. Pftttt. He likes to act all annoyed, but later on he’ll be asking me “So what’s the goss????” He secretly loves those girls too!

It was my first time seeing Toots after her wedding, so I was so excited to give the Mrs. a biggggg hug. We caught up on so many things; work, love life, more work. And didn’t even realise we finished two plates of sinful cheese toasties. While waiting for Dean to pick me up (what are husbands for… teeheeee), Asma’ took these pictures while Toots danced around in the background as our entertainment. I just loved the effect of the sun shining in some of the pictures, it was just beautiful to commemorate an even more beautiful day with my girlfriends.

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Wearing a top from Rico Rinaldi (turquoise and red) and my Sofina 2.1 bag from FashionValet. Pants from Zara.