the best kind of vintage

February 2, 2014

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With my changed look, I always need a little help in the headscarf department. I think it’s important to have loadssss of colours and variety to match my outfits and well, if all else fails, black is always the way to go. It’s not about being greedy (ok maybe a little bit) but no one can understand my need to have the right shade of burgundy to match the burgundy pants. I’m not an OCD kind of person, so I guess this is my kind of disorder. Everything’s gotta look put together. If not, I start biting my nails. Or your nails.

So anyway, back to my headscarf collection. I have a pretty small collection compared to you veterans out there hehe. I’ve been collecting slowly but surely, though. Then today, my mil just dropped a bunch of her headscarves on the table and uttered five beautiful words. Which one do you want? Squealed like a little girl. Searched through the pile and took my heart’s desires. Don’t worry, I wasn’t greedy or anything. I left one or two.

Later, I went to visit my mom at her house. V, Mommy put aside some headscarves for you, ones I used to wear from 20 years ago! What on earth… what is going on??? Is it my birthday or something? I went to see the box and there were just stacks of beautiful designer prints. And the best part is that in my memory, I have vivid visions of my mom smiling and wearing these scarves. Ok fine, I lie. There are pictures around the house. But still, the point is my mom used to wear them while carrying me in her arms and how beautiful is it that it gets passed on to the next generation. I’m going to take good care of these and pass them on to my daughter for her to pass on to her daughter etc etc. Maybe this will make them cover up faster. :p

Today made me realise that rezeki comes in all sorts of ways. Maybe it isn’t cold hard cash, or a raise, or anything that we keep asking for. If we open our eyes a little, rezeki can come directly or indirectly, big or small, material or non-material. It could be a public holiday that allows you to spend time with your family. It could be that you just got a new niece. It could be that someone invited you over for a meal in their home. It could be that you bumped into someone you haven’t met for 10 years. All these little things, we should appreciate. If we think about it properly, I think we all get some form of rezeki everyday, whether significant or overlooked. In my case today, my rezeki was biggggg; that my mom and mil decided to clean up their closet. So thank you, God, for making my mothers do so. Haha.

Speaking of headscarves, Tudung Sisters had a huge restock in an explosion of colours. If your headscarf collection is sad too, please click here to get yourself sorted with basics.

Wearing white sleeveless top from Sunny Girl at FashionValet. Jeans from Forever21, cardigan from Cotton On, bag and shoes from Chanel, vintage scarf from Christian Dior.