to tweet or not to tweet?

February 24, 2014


I didn’t want to hurt the company’s feelings, but I just have to ask this.

Is Twitter even relevant anymore?

As someone who relies heavily on social media for both business and personal use, I need to know if I should even bother tweeting anymore. I’m working on a new project and when signing up for social media platforms for the new brand, I hesitated with Twitter. I signed up to Twitter for the purpose of sharing my short thoughts (if anyone was even interested haha), but I see people doing tweet-like posts on Instagram already using quotes they repost or a very very long caption about how they feel. Visual use like photos and fashion? There’s Instagram. Educational use like sharing news or articles? There’s Facebook. Blabbing about your thoughts? There’s your blog. So what do you use Twitter for these days?

When researching international online personalities, it seems like they have over a million followers on Instagram and like 20K Twitter followers… which really shows that no one really pays attention to tweets anymore.

Do you?