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February 3, 2014

In 2013, I started the Designers <3 FV collaboration series for FashionValet. The designer and the FV team headed by me, sit down together and really work on an awesome exclusive collection that is not available elsewhere and only FV customers will get them. I always wanted to do a collaboration series (inspired by H&M, of course) and ever since that, we started seeing Malaysia become open to even more collaborations in the whole fashion industry. Which is wonderful to see! We started with Mimpikita, then INNAI RED, then Kiss & Tell shoes, and now.. we’re on to the fourth series.


DSCF7592 DSCF7594 DSCF7597 DSCF7694


PU3 is a Malaysian rtw brand to break into the European market and they can now be found in Paris too! Oh la la. I would say they are one of the edgiest brands we have on FV, and I mean this in the most honest way possible, only the cool wear them. The ones who can appreciate edgy detailing and luxe, because PU3 isn’t known to be cheap. Simple yet somewhat arrogantly stylish. PU3 isn’t loud, they are not girly, they’re not frilly… they’re more cool, more street, more understated. And whenever I wear PU3, I am not going to lie… I feel super freaking cool.

We worked on this collection for a few months now, and decided to only do tops. So for PU3 <3 FV collection, you will only see tops which is definitely distinctive and bold. All of the tops feature paneling and colour blocking, and there’s this one really cool one that has a one-sided peplum. I shall not reveal too much, so I can keep the suspense for this. Follow @fashionvaletcom on insta and subscribe to our newsletter for first dibs.


PU3 <3 FV Collection.

Launching this Thursday, 6 Feb on www.fashionvalet.com.