write a checklist

February 25, 2014


Today I had a pretty overwhelming day.

In the morning I had to settle some immigration stuff, then I had to run to a few meetings on FV collaborations, then I had to do a marketing lineup for the next few months that involve big events which is always scary, then I had to tell off some people about work which is always frustrating, then I had to sort through recruitment stuff for our expansion (seriously, can people learn the etiquette of sending a CV?), then I had to do a marketing plan for my new project, then had to answer interview questions from Β magazines that I’ve been super bad at sending on time, then I was in a meeting to make some changes to the FV mobile app (that part was fun!), then I had to think about the budget for a project, then I had to speak to manufacturers about delays of production, then I had to worry about operations, buying, marketing and order fulfillment to see if everything is running smoothly. All the while, getting emails and whatsapps from people including team members, fashion designers and family members that need my reply immediately.

I was tired.

Sometimes people think being the boss is easy. But it’s pretty hard when you have to go micro and monitor all departments and at the same time, go macro and plan the business growth and direction. Β It’s fun and challenging, but it’s not easy.

So yeah.. long day indeed.

But you know what helped? Writing it all down. Not quite the same as typing. I have never had a proper notebook in my life since all I do is type all day, and my handwriting is now so so bad that I judge myself for not being able to write in a straight line. But I got this really nice batik notebook from Karyaneka that I was dying to vandalize. After writing down all the things I had to do, my tasks suddenly became so clear. Everything has a solution and all we have to do is take a deep breath and write down our checklist.

The moment I got home, I went to the freezer, got my Haagen Dazs pint and a big spoon. Sunk in to my lazy chair and told Dean, “What? I deserve this today,” with a full mouth of thick and creamy cookies and cream ice cream.

A girl’s gotta treat herself sometimes.