auld lang syne

March 24, 2014

 I finally did it.

Stripped off the pre-headscarf clothes off the railings in my wardrobe and finding them a better home via friends and colleagues. It was literally springcleaning but this time instead of going “I will never wear that again”, it was a lot of “I can’t wear that again”-holding-back-fashion-tears kinds of moment.


Put them in here, Mommy!

I got rid of most of the short sleeves, but gotta admit I “accidentally” left some behind. The ones I really really really can’t bear the thought of losing, I convinced myself that the short sleeves with long inner look is chic. Myself made a bet with myself (I’m going crazy here, guys) to ootd that look soon to prove the look can work.

Sorry, but I take pride in my clothes. I have nice ones, ok!! So sad to part ways with the gorgeous short sleeves, some still with tags. Some from Topshop, some from Zara, some from FashionValet, some designer labels (those actually scratched my heart a little bit).

You’ve served me well, you beautiful pieces, but I’ve moved on in my life so you should too. May you be happy in your new homes!

I need a tissue.