autumn leaves

March 25, 2014


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There’s something calming about this pretty print. It’s personal for me because this print reminded me of my autumn days in London. The colour palette of brown autumn leaves against the vintage green colour just brings back those quiet days in London. Saturday morning, no class, birds chirping… I make a cup of hot tea and on my balcony, I just admire watching families with small kids walking. There I would be in my LSE jumper, suddenly missing my own family so so much. And I’d call them up and talk to my nephew at the time, who I missed the most to be honest. Haha. Then as soon as I hang up, it would be quiet again.

It was peaceful, it was nostalgic, it was sometimes lonely, but it was such a beautiful time in my life.

I don’t miss studying (not even 0.5%) but I do miss living in London sometimes. Then I start thinking about walking kilometres to the bus stand and dealing with bus delays, standing in the cold till my ears feel like they’re about to fall off, and then having to carry a wet umbrella around…

Then I don’t miss it that much anymore.

Haha kiddin! London, as wet and gloomy as it is, will always hold a special place in my life.

Dean and I scheduled a trip there this month, wanting to bring Daniel to the place where it all begun for us! But so many things came up in the office and we decided to postpone the trip till when Daniel is able to walk. Can’t imagine how cute he would look all bundled up in a big puffy jacket, running around Hyde Park. Oh, love.

Wearing blazer and pants from UN REVEUR, scarf from Tudung Sisters, heels from Gatto, from FashionValet.