breakfast for a champion

March 11, 2014

Good morning everybodyyyyy!!!

I woke up early today to fulfill my new vow; make breakfast for Dean every morning. Sounds very duhhh I know, I bet a lot of you guys do this everyday it’s like yawn already. But I haven’t been very good at that, what with a clingy Daniel, a sleepy me, a very understanding Dean and a headache of wardrobe every morning. But I’m excited about this new me ok guys?! Wanting to improve as a wife. *blush*

I made Dean scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast, recipe courtesy of YouTube (Chef Ramsay is my new best friend, have I announced this new declaration of friendship?). Yesterday was fried vermicelli noodles. And today, this morning I’m making waffles and maple syrup! Well… trying to. Let’s hope they don’t turn into just a big pile of goo… in which case, I’ll tell Dean they’re pancakes.

Hope you have a good day too!

(Dean took this ootd yesterday and for the umpteenth time, I realised what a patient wonderful man he is to me. So yeah alright, let’s give the man some breakfast.)

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Wearing scarf from Tudung Sisters, comfy loose pants from Zakwan Anuar (Comes in 3 colours. I’m wearing the 3/4 cropped ones.. clearly I’m super Asian…) and heels from Kiss & Tell <3 FV, all FashionValet. Striped top from Club21. 

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