dangerous gadget

March 15, 2014

One of the favourite things I like to do with Dean is to just eat nasi and ikan goreng and kicap (my favourite dish ever), and watch something together. Sometimes, we cheekily tell our colleagues in the office “Oooohhh we’ve got big plans tonight. Wild night for us!” before getting the Yeah Right‘s from them. Then fast forward 2 hours, you’ll see Dean and I in our living room legs crossed on the floor, hands holding our plates and eyes focused on the screen. 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and most recently Suits (they’re back, yay!!). Times like these, they’re the best for me. So simple, so easy, just me and Dean. I’m sure you too love these kinds of moments with your partner… hopefully with slightly posher food than our usual nasi kicap or maggi. Hehe. We’re all busy, work never ends, but please make sure you ย and your partner have some of this every now and then.

Anyway, but I have my addiction… my phone. And Dean gets so annoyed when I can’t put it down at night. So, I’ll say I have to shower and freshen up… I’ll go to my room and whip up my best friend, Suzie. (That’s my phone, btw. Have you guys met?) I’ll spend some me time with Suzie and just kind of waste time on social media. It’s one of my guilty pleasures, not very healthy I admit, but better than ice cream at least! Hmm… what are people doing on Instagram? Ooohh someone just got married… ooohhh nice dinner that person’s having… ooohhh sale…. ooohhhh I like her top… Ooohhh what’s this video? Bryanboy at a fashion show? Click.

The music of the runway filled the air in my room.

“You know I can hear you right?” Dean’s voice just came out of nowhere.

I jumped.

What the… But he’s not here. This is scary. I looked around to see where his voice was coming from.

And there it was. That small white machine by the side of Daniel’s cot.


Baby monitor is on.

Ish, got caught!

“You better shower now. If not, I will watch this episode without you.”

Off I stepped into the shower quickly. Came out with a cheeky smile and a towel on my head, and got greeted by an unimpressed Dean.