daniel and flopsy

March 19, 2014

We’re all in the wrong business, guys. You know what business we should be in? KIDS. BABIES. ANYTHING THAT CATERS TO PARENTS. You just need more sucker moms and dads like Dean and I, and we’ll all be rich in no time. Hehe.

Ok so weekends are Daniel time. So we love to take him swimming, take him for a walk (he’s not a fan of strolls, we discovered), or just generally spend time at the mall and dangerously walk into baby clothes stores. Oh, those baby clothes stores! When I was pregnant, I was convinced I would never be the kind of mother who spoils her kids with clothes. 8 months after birth, Daniel now has more shirts than Dean has.


(and so dang expensive???)

And we’re real noobs, Dean and I. We take something up and show it to Daniel and say “Daniel, do you want this?” and Daniel would just grab it leaving us 100% sure that he loves the item and we simply have to get it. Let’s face it… we could hold up a rotten cabbage and he would grab it with excitement too.

That’s how we ended up getting his overpriced teddy bear, Flopsy.

The moment we paid for it, he dropped it on the floor and never wanted it since.

Sigh. I felt so conned.

I’m still trying to force the love between them.


You love him Daniel, love him! Grrrr.