let’s talk nicely

March 22, 2014

Here I am, in my living room, legs sprawled out on the couch. Dean is watching a football match now (big game, he says) so I’ve got a good 90 minutes to catch up with my beloved blog.

So anyway, let me tell you about Daniel.


At 8 months now, he is soooooo clingy to me. Only me. He can be in any kind of mood, but when I enter the room, he looks at me, scrunches up his face into a mengada cry, and crawl to me. If I don’t pick him up, he will cry and cry. And the moment I turn around even to get a drink, he will turn around and hang on to my legs. Not gonna lie, I’m loving how he makes me feel like his world, but there are times I get a bit tired because he won’t even let me pray or pee or whatever.

I hate to say this but he’s getting very demanding. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he just arches his back and cries really loudly. Tears and snot and all. He would roll around on the floor and cry and cry, and he really won’t stop until you’ll feel so kesian. This happens in the middle of the night too. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he immediately wants me. (By me, I mean his source of milk, you guys get my drift right?). If it’s once a night, it’s fine. But it can go up to 4-5 times sometimes! And when I pretend to just sleep and not entertain him, he will flip his body, he will roll around, he will somersault, hitting my face, hitting my stomach, all the while crying loudly for me.


So last night, Dean wanted to discipline him and just went “DANIEL AZIM SHAH! NO!” sternly and Daniel got shocked. And then cried and cried some more. We were worried about his throat if he cried that much, so Dean went to get water for Daniel. While he was gone, Daniel looked at me and crawled to me.

I hugged him tight and just talked nicely. “Look, Daniel. Mommy and Daddy don’t want to get mad at you, we both love you so much. But it’s not ok that you show tantrums in the middle of the night like this. It’s getting a bit out of hand now,” I said to him while stroking his head.

You know what he did after?

He stopped crying! He just rested his head on my chest while I cuddled him, as if listening to me.

When Dean came back, he looked at Dean first before drinking the water Dean got him. And then he wanted me to cuddle him again. Oh, Mommy’s manja boy. He went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until the morning.

Who knew the solution was just to talk nicely?! Oh the nice long sleeps I could’ve had if I had known earlier!

But yeah, demanding, clingy, whiny. He’s turning into… me.