maksu is rosalina

March 9, 2014

I haven’t been writing about my nephew and niece (Aman and Zara) in such a long time! Haha sorry kiddos, Maksu still loves you guys, it’s just that Danny-boy has been taking over my life a little bit.

Anyway, they’re still very close to me. I see them all the time but this is how it always is: I come to their house and announce my arrival. “MAKSU’S HERE!!!!” with arms open wide ready for them to run and hug me like how they always do. Nowadays, they will mumble “Oh hey Maksu..” and that’s on a good day! On a normal day, they would be oblivious and just keep their head down doing homework, or playing with their iPads. When it’s the latter, you can forget trying to get their attention. They’re too busy slashing “bad people” and stuff on the screen, you might as well go home.

My Little Niece and Little Nephew aren’t so Little anymore… *wails*

I caught them at dinnertime the other night and Little Nephew (being the chattier one out of the two) was explaining to me about this new game about dinosaurs.

“Which dinosaur do you want to be, Maksu?”


“Ok, which period do you like?”

“Umm… recess period?”

“No, as in, something period, something else period or the Jurassic period?” 

*Clearly I only heard “Jurassic”, the others sounded too complicated.*

“Oh, Jurassic. I like Jurassic!”

Then it was silence.

Wow, I have the lost the power to talk to my nephew! What do you talk to an 8-year old about??? The other day, I talked to him about my work and he yawned. I talked to him about Daniel and he said all I talk about is Daniel. *scratch head* Is it too early to talk to him about girlfriends??? Sigh I don’t know anymore. I’M NOT GOOD WITH YOUNG ADULTS!

Silence some more.

“Oh, I know! Maksu, there’s this game you will love. It’s called Mario 3D something something.”

“Oh, I used to play that. It was so much fun.”

“Yeah? It’s so cool the giant brown mushrooms bla bla bla monsters bla bla bla can fly bla bla bla… and if you see a question mark, they’ll give you a nice suit…”

“Oooh a suit??” I squealed a little too excitedly. Finally, something I’m interested in. “You mean they wear nice suits now?”


“Huh? You said they’ll give you any kind of suit…”

“Yeah.. like if you get a boomerang suit, you change into a turtle and you can throw a boomerang and catch it back.”


*Maksu’s losing interest in this conversation veryyyy fast here*

“Which character do you want to be?”

“Umm.. Mario?”

“No, I’m Mario! You can be Rosalina! She has a special power to throw ice. You look a bit like her.”

“Ohhh cool! She wears tudung too???”

I was so curious I actually googled this character Rosalina. And found this.


Ah well, close enough. At least she’s wearing a jubah.