my social media plan

March 30, 2014

Did I tell you guys I’ve been bitten by the Dayre bug?


I know, I know, I complain about having too many social media channels and here I am, signed on to another one. I CAN’T HELP IT IT’S A SICKNESS.

So this is my social media plan:

Blog: Will forever be my no. 1 go-to for everything in my life. Deep thoughts, random stories, ootds, everything.

Instagram: Purely photos (duh) and simple (funny.. let’s face it, I’m funny) captions.

Twitter: Err… to link my Instagram posts?

Dayre: Short snippets of my day-to-day activities, when I’m on the go.

Go on, hop on the bandwagon and follow me on Dayre, hokays?

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 12.30.06 PM

You can download the app on PlayStore, or if it’s just to read, you can click here.