my wild “me” night

March 23, 2014

Yesterday, Dean and I were getting a shawarma and we decided to just sit next to the kiosk and chill for a while. It really brought me back to uni days, when we would take a bus together to Edgware Road for the sickest kebab in town. And it would open till late, so it was like the British version of mamak.

Dean asked me, “So, what’s new, baby?”. And I updated him on my day, what funny thing Daniel did, and work projects and all. Then Dean stopped me. “No, no, like what’s new with you? How are you?”

And I found myself dumbfounded. I kept quiet. Errr… how am I? I don’t actually know! I haven’t thought about me.

That alone was enough to ring a warning bell that I might not be leading a healthy lifestyle.  We talked about it and Dean pointed out that my life is just about work and after work, I wear the Mommy hat. And then I go to sleep and my day just repeats. Yes, I meet a lot of people, yes my life is colourful, but that is all work-related. Dean asked me simply after that, “What have you done for yourself that you wanted to do lately? Simple things like for me, watching football in peace or just reading for a while. Something just for me. You should do something just for you to enjoy.”

As if he understood, Daniel went to bed early last night. So I had the night free to myself. After night prayers with Dean, I read a bit of the Quran and felt so at peace. Then, while Dean does some work, I thought ok.. me time. Now.. what do I want to do? The first thought was immediately laptop to reply some emails… No no. That’s not proper me time. Hmmm what are people doing on Instagram? No nooooo, Vivy stop it, I told myself. Think about yourself, not the rest of the world.

I thought it would be nice to have some reading time. Grabbed a pint of ice cream and visited the bookshelf. Hmmm.. which book. My eyes fell on “One Click”, the e-commerce success story. I picked that up. Hmm… but I know I’ll think about work after. Screw that, let’s make tonight a wilddd night. So I picked up a chic lit, the pinkest, most brightest one I had on the shelf and put my feet up. Just me, my ice cream and a little love story for me to enjoy.

Fine, I could only last 3 chapters before Dean found me snoring on the couch.

But man… being alone doing something just for me, was really pretty awesome.

Hope you will have your “wild” time soon!