new space, new blazer

March 12, 2014

It was a nostalgic visit to FV’s new space this morning. All the 3 years of ups and downs just flashed through my mind and I just fell silent for a while. The feelings I can’t explain… building everything from scratch, growing bit by bit, like collecting sand grain by grain. People kept telling us we’d die when big companies come, or we don’t deserve success because we don’t work hard (they probably think my dad designed my FV BASICS for me, or signed on brands and celebrities for me… you know, cos he’s so free and all… -___-“), but that never broke our spirit. It just fueled Dean, myself and the FV team to work harder and we’re still one of the market leaders till today!

Now we’re going to have a bigger office space and on a more selfish note, I finally get to have my own room after 3 years! CANNOT. WAIT. Thank you Allah swt for all the goodness you keep giving us, even thought we don’t deserve it. I won’t be able to count all the rezeki God gives and because of that, it makes me feel so humbled and small and I know I just have to be a better Muslim. I hope You will continue showering us with rezeki so that I can not only improve my life, but also my colleagues and their families’ lives as we are forever indebted to them and their hard work. Amin.

I thought it was so fitting that I wore this outfit. This blazer belongs to someone who was there for me from the very beginning. One of the first people I called up when Dean and I had the idea to set up FV. The person who jumped up and down with me when we received our first batch of stocks. The person who carried mannequins and set up IKEA furniture with me. The person who had no sleep trying to juggle between working at FV in the day and her own business at night. The person who never stopped praying for my wellbeing until now; my Asma’. Even though she only works on project basis with FV now, I always need a piece of her as I continue my FV journey.

But enough with the sappiness. Let’s face it. The reality is you leave a nice blazer at my house, I will wear it and I won’t give it back. Don’t you love my new blazer, guyssssss???


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Wearing a gorgeous tenun top from Indonesian brand Anynome, gold belt from Freeflow, heels from Kiss & Tell <3 FV (collection’s on 30% off now), and a sling bag from eclipse, all FashionValet. Pants from Balenciaga and scarf from dUCk. dUCk is our new scarf brand launching soon. Am testing out samples at this point to improve whatever I feel is lacking. Follow us on our Facebook page and instagram at @duckscarves.