March 28, 2014

These past few days have just been a whirlwind of bad news. I’ve been quite affected by everything, the MH370 news, the speculations that come with it, the passing of dear Ami, the news about Egypt and Syria… all these reminders telling us that death is certain and someday, we will pass on too. And today, I learn of another passing of someone close to me. Life is just temporary, nothing is ours and that is a confirmed thing. If this isn’t a clear indication of us not to waste our lives by doing useless things like gossip or fitnah or do bad to others, I don’t know what else will work.

I vow to be a better person and to spend my time better. Work hard to earn a living to provide for my family and give my colleagues a better life, give more to charity with whatever extra I have, spend time with my loved ones because that in itself is pahala, do more good to others and make others happy.

I don’t say it enough, but if anything happens to me, know that you guys my blog readers have given me so much over the years. The courage to start my business, the motivation to always do what I love, the support whenever I’m down and the encouragement to don the hijab and be a better Muslim. What would I do without you guys? Yes, I have a lot of nasty comments and emails, but even those I appreciate because they pull me back down to earth sometimes. So, thank you all for still being in my life.

Life is short, guys. So let’s not waste our time being sad or depressed over things. Redha with God’s decisions for only He knows best. Be positive at all times and always keep a smile on our faces because even a simple smile is sedekah.






You’re welcome! Teeheee…

Smile, everybodyyyy!

Have a good Friday.