sweat fashionably

March 29, 2014

I am taking a positive spin from all the bad news happening and started doing a bit of reflection. Man, my life is so unhealthy. I work all the time, I eat fried food, I don’t drink as much water as I’d like to, I never get good sleep after being a mom, I never exercise even though that’s always my new year’s resolutions (gotta stop making those lies every year…).

But this time, I’m going to change!

I went to a sports store today and got myself some nice sports clothes. I was thinking of the usual trackbottoms and tees, but then… but then, it was as if God wanted me to get excited about exercising. I turned around and there… a rack in the middle of the store.

I saw the light in that Adidas store, guys.

Right at the Stella McCartney section.

The thought of exercising in them actually got me so excited!!

I spent so much time going through the racks of beautiful clothes. Granted, a lot of that were either mini-super-just-covers-half-butt shorts or had sheer panels and big holes everywhere, but they were still works of fashion that I just wanted to rub all over my cheeks. I chose a few pieces for myself, and pictured myself on the treadmill running and smiling.


Because I felt bad shopping for myself, I threw in some sneakers for Daniel too. 

Ahhh, I feel slimmer already.

At home, I showed Dean my purchases and he laughed.

“Baby, you basically bought comfortable clothes for you to eat ice cream on the couch in!”


So much love and support for my new healthy lifestyle.

Whatevs, I’m going to start jogging.

But I will need those yummy nude sneakers from this collection… gotta go back there tomorrow then.